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About Ruud Jansen

Ever started in the sales organisation of IBM in 1974, he was asked some years later to start an international business support centre in the Netherlands for the Network Services division.
Under his management a major number of international projects were implemented and country specific business processes were internationalized which resulted into significant reductions and a higher customer satisfaction.
With his teams he organized seminars for customers and workshops and training sessions for the sales function in the various countries and was highly involved in the emergence of partnerships with other companies and governments (e.g. in Thailand and China) to be able to sell network services in a regulated market.
In 1999 the Network Services Organization was bought by AT&T and he was asked by his new employer to establish a world wide Centre of Competence relative to the global commercial contracting with Network Services customers; later he was assigned to adjust current business processes to the new refreshed Corporate directives (Corporate Governance-Sarbanes & Oxley, Risk Management, IFRS).
After having worked a number of years with these multi nationals, he started a few years ago his own consultancy business, called where he helps business owners and managers with his experience and skills to solve their problems and to improve or extent their business.

Interested? You can reach him under number 0031-6-51101461 or by email

What can I offer you?

Advice & Consultancy

  • Optimization business processes, efficiency improvements, e-commerce

  • Partnerships, consolidations, reorganizations, centralization, outsourcing (due diligence)

  • Internal Control (Risk management, Sox)

Training and education

  • Time management

  • Effective management styles

  • Teambuilding

  • How do I get more orders?

  • How to negotiate?

  • How to make the best presentations?

  • Coaching, mentorship, appraisal and counseling employees

Project Management

  • Implementation improved or new business processes

  • IT Projects


Who are my customers?

- Small business owners who use very limited IT facilities during their commercial activities. We introduce them in the e-business trajectory and help them in the continuation of the automation of their business processes

- Medium enterprises whose internal business processes can be further optimized to reduce cost and increase profitability or those companies who want to make their first step in the internationalisation of their business

- Major companies who want to outsource the implementation of their IT projects, need support of an external party in the acquisition of new employees or want to use us as interim manager

Your Interim Manager

Would you like to have your own interim manager who can get you results quickly and effectively?

And get things done in days or weeks in stead of months?

I have built up my skills and expertise in practice during many years and started at the basis. I learned what is needed to be successful.
Please find here a list of achieved results.
Your Partner In Business


Ruuds experience over years is really impressive! I have been always impressed by his enthousiasm and his drive to find solutions for company issues, also under difficult circumstances. It was great working with Ruud whom I can recommend to every manager. His style and approach is a guarantee for success!
Frank Verelst, EMEA Sales Director IBM

Ruud has his commercial heart on the right place, somebody with focus on customers, their problems and fast solutions
Wichard Huigen, man. Director Telindus

I made my first steps together with Ruud in the e- commerce trajectory and I am very impressed of his approach
Piet van den Berg, entrepreneur, provider to Dutch top restaurants

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