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"With a better company culture better employees and better company results"

"More sale and profit due to an effective customer service"

"Help... My desk drowns!"

"I have a dream..."

By Ruud Jansen


With a better company culture better employees and…better company results

One email fires 400 employees
A few years ago the American electronics chain RadioShack informed 400 employees who were working on their Head Quarters in Fort Worth per email that they had lost their jobs. Almost immediately they should pick up their things and leave. Read more...

More sale and profit due to an effective customer service

Sorry but what do you mean by: "support from the helpdesk?"
Recently my internet and email were down and I had to get support from my provider to get it fixed. Obviously I could not use my email so had to find their telephone number. Everywhere in my documentation I found their email addresses but nothing about a telephone number! Read more...


Bomb crater
Not sure how the situation is with you but I frequently meet managers and business owners who are accustomed to run their business from the total disorder on their desk. They often tell me that they know exactly where everything is and at the moment that they need things, they perfectly can pick it up out the mess in front of them (they say!). Read more...

I have a dream...

Clean desk policy and time management
In my previous newsletter edition I talked about a clean desk and a properly organized personal filing system and what could deliver that to you in terms of efficiency. And how you could clean up your disorder and get control of your business again in 6 simple steps. Read more...


Who are my customers?

- Small business owners who use very limited IT facilities during their commercial activities. We introduce them in the e-business trajectory and help them in the continuation of the automation of their business processes

- Medium enterprises whose internal business processes can be further optimized to reduce cost and increase profitability or those companies who want to make their first step in the internationalisation of their business

- Major companies who want to outsource the implementation of their IT projects, need support of an external party in the acquisition of new employees or want to use us as interim manager

Your Interim Manager

Would you like to have your own interim manager who can get you results quickly and effectively?

And get things done in days or weeks in stead of months?

I have built up my skills and expertise in practice during many years and started at the basis. I learned what is needed to be successful.
Please find here a list of achieved results.
Your Partner In Business

What can I offer you?

Advice & Consultancy
Optimization business processes, efficiency improvements, e-commerce
Partnerships, consolidations, reorganizations, centralization, outsourcing (due diligence)
Internal Control (Risk management, Sox)

Training and education
Time management, Effective management styles
Teambuilding, How do I get more orders?

Project Management
Implementation improved or new business processes
IT Projects

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