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General Management


General management

Started an international sales support centre (Business Support Centre) in the Netherlands and managed 75 people (15 in the centre, 60 in the countries). Responsible for contract management of over 1000 international customers and financial management activities of 50-60 MIO USD.

Led the contracting and billing Operations teams (Operations, strategic & development), budget owner of 1.5 MIO USD, managed 90 people (30 in Ops centre, 60 in countries), responsible for over 600 MIO annual value in billing for EMEA, worldwide responsibility of commercial contracts with 1500 international customers.

Led a global Centre of Competence, a team of 10 subject matter experts to harmonize end-to-end the global contracting, enabling and billing business processes. Responsible to give business directives for commercial contracting to over 400 sales functions. Realised efficiency gains of 20%, revenue 10 MIO USD.

Led global Strategic contracting group, a team of 5 people, responsible to develop governance procedures for contracting and control and management reporting. Responsible to give business directives to over 75 sales management functions. Realised Sox compliancy for contracting process and the implementation of a new global contract model (Master Agreement).


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