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Finance and Planning


Finance and Planning

  • Introduced innovative consolidated billing models, meeting major international enterprises’ requirements, to pay in guaranteed single currency which resulted into extra business of 100 MIO USD.

  • Implementation of a worldwide pricing database that was linked to the billing and contracting systems and subsequently integrated into a total global billing platform which resulted into a significant billing quality and efficiency gain of 35%.

  • Led a survey with Telemark Europe on billing quality with 20 major international customers and 20 competitive users which resulted into internal process improvements and customer satisfaction increase of 10%.

  • Introduction of global commitment contracts to enable international customers to aggregate their expenditures on a worldwide basis and become eligible for global discounts, resulted into revenue increase of 60 MIO USD.

  • Implementation of new tax applications in the company to be in alignment with the new regulations as consequence of the introduction of the 10 new EU countries in EMEA.

  • Realization of Sarbanes & Oxley compliance for the corporate commercial contracting process and introduction of refreshed business policies (Corporate Governance).


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