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Efficiency Projects


Efficiency Projects

  • Simplification and implementation of a new worldwide contract model in one law and one language (Master agreement), eliminating overhead, generated high customer satisfaction and efficiency gain of 10-15% .

  • Implementation of a central “rest of world” (AP, Americas and EMEA) web dispute management system to register, log and report customer disputes led to a turn around improvement of customer disputes of 20-25%.

  • Implementation of a worldwide consistent contract model, linked to one central contract management tool, to create consistency in commercial contracting which resulted into the one harmonized global contract process and the elimination of local country contract tools and overhead and major savings of 400-500%.

  • Implementation of a global web based contract repository where signed copy contracts were scanned in and become ready for inquiry for all worldwide sales and sales support functions, resulted into 15-20% savings in admin functions.


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