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Business Development


Business Development

  • Negotiated with over 50 major international enterprises contract content and contract structure which resulted over years into over 30 MIO USD revenue.

  • Developed and implemented an innovative revenue increase program for customers who were discounted based upon the financial commitments they signed for; subs. customers were able to monitor their expenditures using revenue reports. This resulted into an additional business of 60 MIO USD.

  • Was highly involved in the formation of a joint venture (Ji-Tong) with the Chinese government to start selling the IBM Network services business in China (Peking).

  • Designed and implemented for major international enterprises custom contracting models to win back competitive users which resulted into an add on revenue of 30 MIO USD.

  • Sold 15 MIO USD in high end computing systems with leasing companies and customers, organized year end cash campaigns on accounts receivables resulting into 8 MIO USD revenue and maximized customer order process in pipeline elimination resulted into 3 MIO USD quarterly.

  • Helped numerous Small and Medium businesses to set their first steps in the e-commerce trajectory and implemented dynamic websites to boost revenue.


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